KODI BLOCK SHOCK ! – Should we WORRY !! (2017)

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  1. Harry Bryan says

    People who put things on YouTube about kodi untrue news

  2. Harry Bryan says

    These guys go on to make money they talk bul

  3. technoboi0 says

    First thing: The 'Daily Express' is well known to be one of three toilet tabloids. It is a rubbish, sensationalist, EU hating, Brexit supporting, right wing 'newspaper' that should taken with a very large sack of salt. I consider that, except for sports, that broadcast television is a potentially dying technology. Maybe this is part of the panic-stations exhibited by the operators in this field in regard to Kodi. I know that a lot of people are still locked into presenting themselves in front of a TV at a time dictated by the broadcaster, or making a recording. For myself, I have zero interest in watching sport and don't watch any live television except for the BBC News Channel. I mostly just watch Netflicks and BBC iPlayer – no commercial ones as I don't want to watch any ads.

     'The Register' is fairly well known in the tech world, you will see why if you check out the subject areas it covers.

  4. sue cattle says

    Bloody stupid there blocking these Channels virgin media one them there block them there are set off knob heads

  5. anon amous says

    This guy must be squiffy, if he thinks I'm going to tell him what works and what doesn't.

  6. Craig Guinnane says

    its a load of crap if they could do something about it they would of all ready my kodi works just fine and live tv its the makers of the build if they dont update it then it wont work just pick another build

  7. Jacqueline Kane Nelson says

    Yes many live feeds are not reliable, I'd like to buy mobdro premium players join gears tv, do you recommend any paid services?

  8. hotstick12 says

    So the internet is going to be policed, by whom? Are they going to block Google (other search engines are available), or make it illegal to use it, Google is just another type of media streamer when all's said and done. As long as I only stream and don't download or file share, as far as I'm aware that is legal, after all I'm only watching content that someone has already put out there, if I own a film on DVD will I have to stop it is a friend calls round in case he sees it? What about watching a film on BBC or one of the other channels and then recording it to view later and as many times as you wish, is that going to be illegal? Thousands of people own properties in Spain, France etc., they don't live permanently there and can't watch BBC or other UK channels because they are blocked, even though they pay for a tv licence, but they can go to a local business and buy a set top box, that streams content from the business's own servers in the UK and that allows them to watch UK tv. Very difficult, if not impossible to go after everyone using Kodi or similar.

  9. Ossie Bacchus says

    They don't have to go after everyone just a significant few and the word will go around

  10. John Dixon says

    It's all because of sports streams, as I'm not a sports fan I've never had much problems

  11. Tony AJ Smith says

    Most documentaries on Kodi take you to YOUTUBE . There are lots of movies on here too & Classic TV . Maybe they should close down Youtube ? Live TV is nothing new right back to Justin TV ….remember that ?

  12. lee kelly says

    nice haircut chris bro

  13. maurice fox says

    i watch

  14. Dave wallace says

    Scare mongering; when they see a 'small' hit against sales they panic, we should all know by now that those people really love their money! 🙂

  15. Paul Cleaver says

    kodi has been harder to get add-ons now since TVaddons has gone

  16. ant john says

    Sports mania is the bees knees

  17. Alan Colman says

    wat load of crap

  18. Craig Gallagher says

    10 year stretch for watching the BFG on Kodi FUCK OFF! the government have made online streaming illegal well wot about BBC Iplayer that's online streaming??? pffft they are full of shit 💩 long live Kodi, fuck the government nd the power elite 👍👊

  19. Wayne Thomson says

    click bait the law is mostly only going after box sellers and Devs so stop your click bait

  20. Paul Sutherland says

    what's your best build at the moment doc squiffy

  21. Simon Cowie says

    Mate don't believe the media cause the know jackshit cause they don't understand & you are confusing people about Kodi & Its nothin to do with Kodi it's the 3rd party addons not Kodi.

    Cause Kodi is leagal so they can't touch Kodi or the user cause we are not breaking the law useing Kodi it's the 3rdv party faddons that are breaking the law.

    All te remittances League are doing is the same as SkySky did over theWWE Networkto stop them coming to the UK & they lost in the end cause to go after the user they need prooof on what we are watching.

    Plus it will only take one person to win & thats it.

    But Kodi is a media center nothin else with is leafal

  22. resiman 84 says

    It's just like the torrenting crackdown, it won't work. Don't need kodi for any of the content, it's just made readily for us.

  23. LNG SaNdMaN says

    The Daily Express 😂😂😂. They run a Kodi scare story EVERY day of the week. I wonder how many new prisons the government will need to build to house 5m Kodi users 😂

  24. deanj6969 says

    5 million, yeah right more like 15 million

  25. hullqb16 says

    Simple. Don't use Kodi. APK's work fine for watching football.

  26. shawn G says

    When I want to watch a sporting event I just search Twitter for a link and bang I'm on 😉

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