KODI – EXODUS addon – THE NEW GENESIS!! – install and review – 2017

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Lindequist – Serenity

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  1. lain4231 says

    Is there a forum that shows when movies are up in hd on this app? it's so tedious going through each movie looking for hd ones. at least newer movies.

  2. Shocky says

    Region limited so no, it's not the new Exodus.

  3. Savannah J Franzone says

    Add on won't install.. everytime I try it says "indigo failed to download". what's the problem?

  4. Elizabeth Fury says

    Android setting to allow for unknown sources turned on, add on in Kodi to allow for unknown sources but when trying to down load to my android using your steps at about 2:22 min a notification pops up that says installed to location but does not show a location. When I went to the "install from repository" file, there was no exodus there. I went back through the steps thinking that I spelled something wrong and created a fusion 2, now it says failed to install. any ideas?

  5. RIP In Peace Seamus says

    I am testing this out

  6. dmatuz2000 says

    Anyone know what song/theme this is? Love the music in the background.

  7. King Bray says

    Mines came with exodus

  8. James Sikes says

    it's just trailers though

  9. Ace1 says


  10. Relocation Express says

    A fantastic GuIDE !!!! Thank you!!!

  11. Hugar 34 says

    guys its easier better to install exodus if you have a fire stick linked up to your tv, you have a bigger screen to watch it on and there is less buffering

  12. Mario Jost says

    What kind of skin are you using in Kodi? It looks very modern but doesnt change the layout.

  13. Mark Jones says

    Maybe you can help me or explain why Exodus and Genesis is only showing movies from 1921-1970? No one can help me with this. I did all the updates.

  14. si mac jaan says

    This buffering is getting ridiculous guys nothing seems to work and no it's not my internet

  15. si mac jaan says

    This buffering is getting ridiculous guys nothing seems to work and no it's not my internet

  16. eYeDoNtKnOw201 says

    thanks… working great !!

  17. Stephanie Benson says

    Thank you so much for this πŸ™‚

  18. Shamia Mckann says

    can i have more then one addon on my kodi

  19. Kevin Shelton says

    Get a Mic.

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