Kodi – Kodi 17 TVAddons Install – Exodus & Phoenix Addon

Configure Kodi 17 to install TVAddons.ag Indigo. Install Exodus and Phoenix addons within Kodi

How to Install Fusion from TVAddons.ag in Kodi and setup and run Phoenix addon.

This is a short tutorial on setting up a source within Kodi 17 from TVAddons.ag and getting the video addons Exodus and Phoenix setup.

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  1. Fernando Vargas says

    Not work

  2. Antonio Charles says

    No phoenix available

  3. Marc Tardiff says


  4. The Host says

    I don't have the add Phoenix option! Jesus christ!

  5. J E says

    People instead of .ag use .co that works

  6. Claudio Oliveira says

    When I press install from zip file
    That's it
    Doesn't let me install
    People little help here would be appreciated

  7. Claudio Oliveira says

    I can't pass from the Zip files
    What to do?
    I got stuck there
    Doesn't go anywhere

  8. Denis Bilodeau says

    and if fusion is gone what replaced it do i can get exodus and Phoenix and other add ons

  9. Denis Bilodeau says

    tried to install http://fusion.addons.ag screen popped up saying unable to connect. couldn't retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. anyone able to help?

  10. Fromafar says

    Hi Jay I would like to know if Exodus and Phoenix are being used for Canadian tv content ?

  11. Kelly Tillis says

    When I went to put in the info for the add ons, it said "no internet connection, go ahead anyway?" Even though I have a strong internet connection. So I said yes. But then when I went to install from Zip drive it wouldn't let me do anything at all 😢 I don't know what to do from here!

  12. bansheebandithot350 says

    Nothing there

  13. Harvey Griffin says

    nothing folder is black inside…

  14. meekking achor says

    1:41min there is nothing but a folder with dots in front of it what do i do

  15. Armando Rojas says

    The beginning of the screen you know how it shows "Movies" well mine is not on there any longer how do I add that back on there????

  16. Nalley A. says

    It doesn't show in zip folder, i don't is to do with server been down, maybe something else.

  17. princelogan95 says

    hey everytime i add a source nothing shows up when i click on install from zip file. please help

  18. Christopher Ettlemyer says

    it dont work

  19. Andrew Davis says

    please I need help to installed the add on for modi someone help me please I can't find the vedio I was watching by troypoint

  20. Maxola fm says

    Fusion ain't bloody working man

  21. Robert Koehler says

    how do I install Kodi?

  22. Terry Cedotal says

    how do you get to this screen

  23. Chris Smith says


  24. Brian Tang says

    doesnt work…could not retrieve directory info

  25. Aaron Graves says

    couldn't retrieve directory information… I'm sure I'm not the only one this happens to after entering http://fusion.tvaddons.ag and why does everyone name it fusion? EVERYONE? I've already named one fusion while getting exodus. these videos suck

  26. terrance willis says

    when i click install fron zip files nothing comes up after i click fusion
    i have a s7

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