Live Sports Streams On Fire Stick. Get NFL – MLB – NBA (NO MORE KODI)

How to get live sports on your fire tv or fire stick. Stream NFL streams from local channels, and NFL Network in High Definition. Stream MLB games, and get ready for the 2017 – 2018 basketball season with HD Live NBA Streams

We do all of this without kodi and unreliable addons such as Sports Devil, Pro Sports, or Plexus. Get high quality live HD sports stream on your fire stick with this easy step by step tutorial!

You will also learn to stream live sports on your PC, Fire Tv Stick, and even your mobile device.


==If Your Are Using Kodi or Streaming You Need A VPN ==

Watch How To Get Browser On FireStick:


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  1. ReviewDork says

    For those wondering how do you get full screen on your firestick! You would simply enable the mouse, hover over the video, the video player options than expand! On the lower right corner in the video player you will see an expand Icon…. NOW YOU HAVE FULL SCREEN LIVE STREAMS 🙂

  2. Rigo Aparicio says

    Why isn't it working

  3. Robert Shupinski says

    is chrome better than silk browser?

  4. chicken little says

    Question for you review dork: is there a way to a replay of a particular game or record? Usually I work when the games I want to watch are on. When I get off is when I go on my dvr and watch the games I recorded. Is there a way for me to record or watch a replay of the game that happened earlier? Thanks

  5. wayne127932 says

    it was like different links you had to click on

  6. wayne127932 says

    when I did itit was not like his showed

  7. Denton Carter says

    I am not getting all the sports channels

  8. Jimmy Moonshine says

    Mine is stuck on "Connecting…" nothing happens!

  9. Afra D. says

    The downloader app on fire stick keep saying connecting for very long time. Is this normal?

  10. summerglory8 says

    Hey there, I was trying to load sports are free on my firestick and when I got to the point where I go to on downloader it just kept loading then displayed an error message that said "connection error". I checked my connect and it said very good. I tried it to another tv and the same thing happened. It there something going on with the web address?

  11. Nelsy Rivera says

    When i get to downloader keeps says i don't have connection..but my wifi is working. What can i do??

  12. Alex Stadler says

    Anyone have experience with YES Network here?

  13. Shayla Velez says

    it dont work it just stay on its home page

  14. Vic Edwards says

    There is buffering and lag I'm trying to find something different I'm sick of this

  15. Marco Moreno says

    the url doesn't download ….. I get a no connection pop up…. but I have no trouble watching all other apps…. what do you suggest ? settings on downloader ??

  16. Cathy Iacoviello says

    Hi! Thanks for doing this video. Question. When I’m on the website and click on sports channels I don’t have all the channels you have. Just nba and wwe…

  17. Goderick Alcide says

    I'm getting a no connection error when trying to download your apk but mobdro and sportsarefree work on my other fire stick. I installed those back in october and reinstalled on Christmas. Are you having problems?

  18. Marvin Wagner says

    Gabe. The mouse toggle just refuses to install. Just going through the install process and the screen pops up with "app not installed". I just don't have any idea as to how to get it installed. I have double and triple checked the URL that I'm typing in so I know it is correct. I think there may be some setting or condition on my stick that is preventing the install. Can you help? Thanks.

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