Magyar/Hungary IPTV list 16-02-16

Magyar/Hungary/Madjarska IPTV list.
Hungaria Playlist
Watch free Magyar TV channels.
Cinemax, Film+, VIVA TV, HBO, Sport, Comedy Central, Filmcafe, MTV…

Hungary IPTV list link

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  1. Atila Siveri says

    nem mukodik

  2. Game Play Bruti says

    Szia ezt hogy tudom meg csinálni ??

  3. Janos Butisan says

    Do not work, chanel links are dead.

  4. joe wylie says

    I really could use some help with getting this up and running. I did everything right but channels wont play. Any suggestions????

  5. Zoli1972s says

    This links are all dead 🙁

  6. youssef hassani says

    ca marche pas

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