Mchanga – Nvidia Shield TV 4K 2018 Review | The Best Streaming Device running the Best Kodi Builds

Get a smooth Kodi streaming experience with the 2018 best of the best in streaming devices: The Nvidia Shield TV 4K can handle any of the best Kodi 17.6 builds you can throw at it. Simply install kodi from the google play store!

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Runs any of the Best New Kodi 17.6 Build Install February 2018 Review Learn how to install kodi 17.6 builds for amazon firestick and nvidia shield tv plus many more with easy Mchanga kodi build install best in class review & setup guide covers the best Kodi addons February 2018 to watch new movies tv shows live tv and sports plus this 2018 kodi 17.6 build is light and fast also will work on any Kodi device Android devices like the Nvidia Shield TV also all models of Amazon Firestick Fire TV Windows Mac Linux even Raspberry Pi and no need for ares wizard to install on xbmc !

On the channel you will find kodi build review & tutorials where Mchanga walks through a fast Kodi Build for Kodi 17.6 Krypton and all versions of Kodi 17 that has all of the Top Kodi Addons for February 2018 and do a Complete Kodi Setup with the overview before the Kodi Setup Guide. I show you How To Fresh Start without the Ares Wizard and How To Install a Kodi Build with a great Kodi Wizard. Kodi 17.6 Krypton and all previous versions of Kodi 17 came with a lot of layout changes that many people did not like, so this Kodi Build brings back some of the great aesthetics and elements of the older Kodi layout with a few Kodi Tweaks.

I consider this to be one of the best devices to run the Best Kodi Builds 2018 for Kodi 17.6 Krypton and all previous versions of Kodi 17. It works great on the Amazon Fire TV Stick , Android , PC , Mac and many Kodi Devices. If you are looking for a great Step By Step Setup Guide on How To Fresh Start and How To Install A Kodi Build you are in the right place. Check out some of the links below if you need help on How To Force Close Kodi or How To Delete Kodi Builds and even Access Kodi Live TV since there is more than one way to get The Best Kodi experience. If you want to learn how to install Kodi on amazon fire tv stick just check below and also check the links below for any new kodi builds I recommend to install on android windows 10 mac and for the best build options including older kodi 16.1 builds and the new kodi 17.6 builds complete with the best kodi addons available to install for kodi 17 in 2018 even if you are using a firestick for kodi ! Check out the links below for more videos on my channel that cover the best kodi builds the best kodi addons the best kodi live tv the best kodi sports addons and all of the kodi 17.6 build reviews and coverage for the average consumer you can handle! No matter which device you are using, you can find the best kodi build 2018 best kodi build February 2018 kodi best builds 2018 kodi best builds February 2018 kodi addons 2018 best kodi build ever best kodi build of all time top kodi addon 2018 live tv kodi best kodi live tv addons best build for fire stick 2018 best fire stick build February 2018 best iptv 2018 kodi sports also sports on kodi fire stick sports kodi on firestick fire stick kodi live tv on kodi, kodi movies best addons even early february 2018 kodi live iptv addons 2018 computer hardware and computer software on the channel!

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How To Install Ares Wizard for the Best Kodi Builds 2018:

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  1. MarioSonicDKPokeFAN says

    Oh Mchanga, I thought you been knew about Nvidia Shield? Lol. I bought it around this time last year. Back when I only had one part time job and mostly all my possessions (game consoles, DVDs, computer) was in the pawn shop. But I had got this on sale and to this day it was the best decision I ever made. I had not only Kodi ( back when it was working 100%) but I have alot of video game Roms on it. (NES, SNES, SEGA, N64, GAMEBOY).

  2. Mike Owens says

    Everybody recognizes the nvidia shield as the best of the best, however Directv now and AT&T refuse to make this product approved for their services, so no need to try to use this product for directv now

  3. MeAwesomeHoney Honey says

    Now, I wish I could get PS4 games on it. That would save me money.

  4. MeAwesomeHoney Honey says

    I love mine. An it runs very smooth!

  5. Martell Tha Cool says

    I'm getting the pro version with 500 GB of data for playing retro gaming, watching movies and got my Android apps with a headphone jack to listen to music

  6. Martell Tha Cool says

    Great review

  7. arn mass says

    Hello, Mchanga..Just bought my shield about a week ago..Love it..Keep up the good work..Appreciate you..

  8. soulkepr69 says

    Hey Mchanga, just wanted to you said you don't use the remote came with so what remote do you use?

  9. Electrical M.D. says

    Hey Mchanga, I have been watching your videos for a while now. Your video was the first one I ever watched about KODI months ago. I’ve got to say I love your voice and your videos. I recently started my own YouTube channel and was wondering what type of capture card do you use and also what type of video editing software? Thank you for any type of help that you can give me.

  10. Rozell Burroughs says

    Hey love.. love your videos still..U ROCK ..
    I just like to say that I had heard you talk about the shield and I went to visit my brother in Texas a few years ago and he had one but I didn't pay it any attention…
    so I've been buying the fire stick and some other Android boxes.
    well I decided that I would actually get a Nvidia Shield this pass Black Friday to see what it was all about…
    I loved it so much that I went out and bought myself another 1 and then I had my girlfriend to buy me one for Christmas so now I have a total of 3 Nvidia Shield boxes.
    It is the best Android box ever loved it I have also recently gotten people at work to purchase it because it is way better way better than anything that's on the market that you're going to find when it comes to streaming thank you so much love you

  11. Lillian Molina says

    Thank you sooooo much! You covered all of the questions I asked + the comparison in sizing with your iPhone was a bonus! Love that you are able to keep up with your fans+ questions. Love that you are so thorough… I just love you! Thanks for being AMAZING! XOXOXOXO

  12. Isidro Rodriguez says

    Is there a link to where you bought your iPhone case

  13. Elmer Easterling says

    Thanks a lot Mchanga, your videos are always very enlightening.

  14. Racqueal Carter says

    Thanks for the info Mchanga! Guess I need to invest in one.

  15. Shrinking Sharon says

    GREAT video I lovemy Nvidiashield

  16. Mary K Gray-Thurman says

    Thank you again. I have the 500 GB can I install more than 1 program without doing a fresh start?

  17. Christian Forever says

    The Chinese Sucks

  18. D Warren says

    Yes thanks. I love it… Hell yeah as soon as that refund roll in…..
    I'm tired of the Fire stick and Fire tv time to step up.. Thanks Love

  19. cwjcss says

    Hey mchanga check out TV App Repo, it's pretty good to move apps to the home screen. Thanks for the video again, love them.

  20. Dermot A Maher says

    Thanks Mchanga…..Love you x

  21. Tony Peters says

    Great video! So do you think it is heads above using a Firestick? Can I play video files from an external portable hard drive using it? I think I’m ready to purchase one.

  22. Jay Dempsey says

    I made the mistake of getting a cheap Chinese box originally when phasing out my Firesticks. Buying the cheap Android boxes has proved to be nothing but headaches and no support to speak of.

    After that headache, I caved and went for the Shield TV and haven't looked back since. NVIDIA has been the best purchase ever.

  23. danny ramirez says

    I want 1

  24. antonio bradiano says

    Dulex has been better than any

  25. Great Music Good feel says

    Thank you. I love my shield. Thanks to you.

  26. James Boles says

    Mchanga can calm down the Hulk with her soothing voice

  27. Paul Levasseur says

    nice thanks

  28. Saman says

    I Love your work

  29. TY 15 says

    I'm saving for another one right now! One of the best investments I've ever made. Get one ASAP! You'll be sorry until you do …….

  30. Jee Ell Allotment Diary says

    I have a 500gb version but I really don't use it's full potential

  31. K. Denson says

    You forgot to mention the Google assistant as well, that's a big seller as well.

  32. K. Denson says

    You had me until that iphone popped out lol, just playing keep doing ya thing. The sheild is a beast I have mines set up with set tv as well between that and terrarium I am set.

  33. birdwspr says

    The best device by far. Now all you need is a good Android phone…..Note 8 or 8+ to go along with it.

  34. Mathew Anderson says

    Hia babe,,, ur right about the shield, I had mine for Xmas last yr and can’t fault it wot so ever, lightning fast for both kodi and iptv I highly recommend it for anyone 😉👍 x

  35. Gone Sailing says

    You are the best as far as accurate information, presentation and content. I love your voice. I very rarely leave comments but in your case I felt compelled because you are so good. Awesome job!!!

  36. Brotha84 Brotha says

    Best flagship android tv on the market hands down I got mines November last year no regrets

  37. Chy Lewis says

    Thank you. Because of your recommendation, I purchased one and I love it. Please do more videos on this. Thanks again. Also, what is the Setplex you have on yours.

  38. Steve B. says

    Thanks for all you do Mchanga. Your channel is the most informative when it comes to Kodi. I have a firestick but plan on buying a nvidia shield. Have you cut the cord or you do get everything off of the shield? I’m debating on another cable contract.

  39. Stew Smith says

    Is Set Plex and Set TV the same app? Mine looks different

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