Messenger chat bots ft. reddit app, WhatsApp, Luxe, VR, PayPal | Freestyle Friday e2

F8 announcements, there were myriad
Zuckerberg had an out of bot-y experience
And that’s B-O-T-Y
Chatbots are about to get redefined
Now Messenger has ‘em
Which kind of like fills the chasm
Between consumers and businesses
So off-shore call centers might just get…snipped
How about that?
How about reddit releasing an app?
How about WhatsApp being fully encrypted
So now Uncle Sam can’t creep on your chats
Oh Snap! Crackle and Pop
Hertz just put Luxe over the top
50 million, Series B
And look out for VR on FB
Surround 360
Amazon’s helping more folks checkout quickly
With the Global Partner Program
And PayPal is not so amped
But look, I gotta go scram
Until next time, and my next rhyme
Now go share this with your peeps
This is not clandestine

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