MyKiwi IPTV Kodi Stalker Live TV New 2018 Service


MyKiwi IPTV Kodi Stalker Live TV Service
Live streaming of local and international premium live channels and events as well as Video on Demand TV shows and movies
Over 3000 channels as demonstrated in the video

▼KODI Supported Devices
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H95+ PRO 3GB RAM ➜
Amazon Fire ➜

▼VPN – I use it to protect my online identity and to watch all my favourite blocked channels.
StongVPN ➜ Watch Netflix USA content Outside the USA


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Please watch: “BEST Build Kodi 18 Leia 2018 – Husham Batman Build”


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  1. Lawrence Roach says

    international channels not working

  2. Monica Hathaway says

    Can you get live tv guide

  3. magalo m says

    hay husham I bought the one month service and they said it will only work on Kodi 17.3 instead of Kodi 17.6. what is g

  4. James Cumming says

    Pay pay pay not why I have Kodi !

  5. Stuart Mclaren says

    Please help,
    No streams in the UK
    2 ISP talk talk and sky.

  6. 5005 TIC says

    سؤال صغير مره لو سمحت
    بس احصل على للسته قنوات واحب احمله على كودي
    كيف الطريقه؟
    لاحظ عياره "للسته" يعني مجموعه سيرافرات

    مشكورا" مع متابعه ولايك

  7. jerome barnes says

    You do not use players klub

  8. Dave Bellomo says

    Do they offer a free trial?

  9. Evlin Youkhana says

    Very coollllll..☺☺☺☺???

  10. Honest Fred's says

    Most of the streams were SD and not HD as claimed.

  11. Theresa Smith Canada First says

    I bought the vpn. The live streams are still stopping . My highest speed is 25 mb a sec download . I installed so many builds and not one works properly yet . Am I better off to download the movie first ?

  12. Supermonkey 1964 says

    I wish they had less Arabic (who really wants over 600?) and concentrated on having more USA/UK Channels. 🙂

  13. Robert G. says

    I think Playersklub is better and its only $5 a month I will pass on MyKiwi

  14. Djoegan Ashokkoemar says

    Just for one week than paid service

  15. paul ibbotson says

    Why "Mykiwi"? Are you a kiwi?

  16. bubaloey nil says

    Stalker services only are very reliable have to get this tomorrow

  17. Everything Kodi says

    Great video husham

  18. Ron Doerfert says

    ?? fantastic buddy.

  19. Susan Patlak says

    Your hard work and dedication to your tutorials help the computer illiterates like myself! Woot Woot boo!

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