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  1. Harold Jackson says

    Sorry, did not work for me. Thank you for the video

  2. Sandra Clarke says

    It says could not connect to repository..what do I do?

  3. Scarface Whyte says

    "Could not connect to repository" 😕

  4. Mitten says

    It said could not install from repository :/

  5. Mindy Morningstar says

    Thanks so much for easy instructions!! Right to it, love that.

  6. Azzie davies says

    Does not work

  7. horsepat says

    Didnt work

  8. Nicolas Ayong says

    This don't work my friend!!

  9. Dante Hicks says

    I got a message saying could not connect to repository. It didn’t work. 👎👎👎

  10. Wolves Hero says

    RIP, can't connect to repository

  11. James Lucky says

    Exodus, from tv add-on and kdil, and kodibae not working, any suggestions?

  12. Altin Grajqevci says


  13. John Cha says

    could not connect to repository

  14. xadam2dudex says

    Error : couldn't connect the the depository

  15. Austin Buikema says

    holy shit tom hanks

  16. MrRileysteen says

    Where gonna

  17. Chris Fisher says

    Could not connect to repository…

  18. eben433 says

    Don’t work. Getting the same error

  19. Geniece Gwoman says

    It didn't work for me sorry

  20. Teresa Garcia says

    I'm trying to install exodus but it keeps saying could not connect to repository.

  21. GMoneyMacFresh says

    Not working

  22. Wallace_House 115 says

    It doesn’t work

  23. Hocus Jokus says

    I did everything until Freeworld Kodi and then it says there is nothing. Help?

  24. Paul Sanders says

    I'm getting ..Freeworld Kodi Repository Could not connect to repository.

  25. Joey Garcia says

    Your the best yo thanks yo…

  26. Neil Spiring says

    Just tried to install as the video , but ..freeworldkodi repository resulted in could not connect message

  27. Robert Collins says

    Could not connect to repository ! Help please and thank you 🙂

  28. Jamie Wayne says

    After clicking on …Freeworld Kodi Repository I receive a message of: Could not connect to Repository. When I try different videos and downloads and going to load from repository, the file is not there???

  29. Andrew Hauenstein says

    Could not connect to repo again

  30. lil420lady13 says

    I couldnt connect to repository. So i could not continue. What do i do??

  31. marleneac89 says

    How do I get to the Kodi menu??

  32. Joaquin Torres says

    Said Coolidge not install

  33. crazy DRUNKy says

    i like the way you instruct but the shit aint working bruh

  34. Devin Farkas says

    It's been loading on the freeworld repository screen for 30+ minutes what do I do? 3:50

  35. Walter Strelow says

    So my wife and I updated our Kodak in December and then updated again.. now we can’t find any builds that work for us and suggestions?

  36. M K says

    doesnt work

  37. Iamdr3wski3 says

    Stupid shit doesn’t work

  38. Tracy Galloway says

    Hi , I get as far as installing freeworld from the repository and cannot connect to repository

  39. O G says

    This shit didn’t work!

  40. Barbie Geller says

    Not working now 😖

  41. Sophie Jaynes says

    Just to double check. Do we need to press on it?

  42. Karen Sue says

    Trying to install. I get to install from repository. Click on freeworld kodi repository. Get message could not connect to repository. Help?

  43. Juan Obispo says

    Will this notify you when it needs updates… so sick of kodi builds. I hope this works all I need is something to watch tv shows and movies. I'm bout to give up on kodi

  44. Debbie Prentice says

    wont load repo

  45. ladytesha1 says

    It stop me the moment I tried to install freeworld kodi repository 😔

  46. Joaquim J Almeida says

    Hi Mitch's i can't prossig after install the ..Freeword kodi repository.. clicking it show this msg “Could not connect to repository”. what can i do ? need reboot my kodi jarvis 16.1 ??

  47. Sarang Bansod says

    Doesn't work now…

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