New Tutorial How To Set Up Streaming Providers To Eliminate Buffering

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I created this video as a those of you seeking good Live TV online that can help you cut some corners. Now, this is no silver bullet as I mention in my video, BUT The Boxxmen is a class act and completely trustworthy when it comes to the best streaming media possible

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As a “cord cutter” myself for almost 3 years now, I’ve learned a lot when it comes to streaming but the main thing I’ve learned is if you don’t do something you will continue to pay outrageous fees and nothing will change

This streaming cable media box has leveled the playing field. Giving YOU choices and the freedom to TAKE BACK YOUR TV. I use the Tiger stream T5 for these reasons

#1. You only have to purchase this one time. No subscription fees ever. The technology updates automatically. That means you actually get what you pay for.

#2. You have our iron clad guarantees and warranties. 45 day money back guarantee. Also a 24 month extended warranty absolutely FREE

#3 You have levels of tech support. From our online Facebook support page to our toll free tech support number and finally my BOXXMEN team of tech support people.

Listen, if you want to change the course of your income and acquire the best prices and service online go to our website

Things covered in this video:
What are your URL resolvers?
How to set them up to eliminate buffering.
How to set up to automatic play?
How to purchase the Tigerstream

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  1. Big Momma says

    Hello Jeff ! Is there a way to add moving background to Tiger Stream T4 for when you hover over a movie icon?

  2. Imon2udude says

    thank you. Much better

  3. akiel51 says

    hey Jeff, how come I can't see the SALTS addon on the interface?

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