Install new working Exodus addon available for Kodi. Enjoy thousands of free movies and TV series.


Want reliable live TV for your Kodi?

Let’s stay connected ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼



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  1. FightMidnight says

    I followed all of the steps but once I got to the last one to install the new Exodus … it didn’t give me the option…

  2. gibbee1 says

    I need some help on the kodi leia version, can’t seem to get it working correctly. Any help or direction to another of your videos would be helpful. Thank you

  3. Charles Kramer says

    Man it's not the right dev and not big in trust in the community these days. Just my preference

  4. Mister Phil says

    Will try, the first all in one wouldn't install.

  5. says

    doesnt work, does not show up on myaddons screen after downloaded

  6. Harold Jackson says

    just did this. did not work for me. Thank you

  7. john harrower says

    I recently downloaded the xvbmc and it's 4.2.0 version that doesn't have exodus…HAAAALP

  8. john harrower says

    Should I have uninstalled my old exodus first?

  9. Carl Hobbs says

    Ty SoloMan that's great exodus up and running…… Thanks AGAIN,!!!!

  10. christine jefferies says

    Thank you

  11. Mellody LaValley says

    I have no Exodus repository when I get to this step.

  12. Chuckstr says

    I wish you would skip the intro and just show it! LMAO!! Seriously though!

  13. studmuffin says

    Last step excuduse can't connect to repository

  14. Gina Garibay says

    Thank u Solo Man. Can u tell me why is it telling me to pair on a website?

  15. Beth Babeu Kelly says

    I continue to get messages that the I cannot connect to the Exodus repository during the install. Any advice?

  16. HYPESTIXXX says

    This shit don't work. Update your videos solo

  17. David Jessee says

    How do I get the Exodus repository?

  18. cornellius roney says

    My (next page) button has disappear

  19. Scott Young says

    Great videos as always You are awesome at keeping us updated on things Kodi… Can you do a video on how to get rid of all the ones that don't work.. Or how to put the ones that work on the front screen. The ones that do not removed from the screen for those of us NEW to Kodi..

  20. Teresa Gray says

    Please for people like me that has no clue what they are doing, please show us step by step how to get to "Enter File Section" after opening Kodi

  21. 685chris says

    I downloaded and unzipled but rhe exodus icon never ahows up like it is in your video but ut says I have it but shen I open kodi I have nothing

  22. Nikki Mignott says

    My addon option will not pop up on the screen so I cannot complete the installation process.

  23. Cindy Wagner says

    I have a build on my kodi that exodus doesn’t work on , keeps saying the download failed.
    So can I add this while I have a build already installed ?

  24. Déjà vu says

    Ok but if you already have a build and doesn’t have Exodus how do you go about installing onto a build

  25. Sean Drummond says

    Exodus not even there

  26. Phillip Johnson says

    Copyright laws need to be rewritten…everyone got paid in the production and distribution! Copyright laws have become a model for residual and continual greed and megalomania! …that's where the effort should go!

  27. TheRetri Jeans says

    ye those people who make this should add a donate button so we can donate to them

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