PHILO TV: Cheap Live TV! The Best Streaming TV Service You’ve Never Heard Of!

Philo is a newcomer to tv streaming. This is my first look at Philo, but they’ve made their presence known! What is Philo, are there sports on Philo, is live tv on Philo? Watch the video and find out, stay till the end to see if I give it high marks! Will it be the best streaming service of 2017?

Head over to Philo!

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This VIDEO was EDITED with Final Cut Pro X on MacBook Pro.

About This Video:

Is DirecTV Now worth it, or is Playstation Vue the best? I find out if you should switch to PS Vue or switch to DirecTV Now! Two of the best cable tv alternatives.

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  1. Electric Diggs says

    Do you think Philo is the service for you? Let me here about it!

  2. Trevor Thomas says

    What about SetvNow you get about 200 channels and have it on 3 devices no DVR but you have video on demand and you have sports channels for $20 USD Funds a month.

  3. pixoariz says

    Properly pronounced PHI-lo, not PHE-lo. After Philo Farnsworth, the inventor of television.

  4. Kenneth Espinosa says

    Cool I don't like sports

  5. Jsmoothie says

    This is geared toward people that watch tv, but don't really watch tv.

  6. Kelley Brewer says

    tried it couple days was lovin it but to my dismay they dont take any pre paid cards or dont have a gift card option ! also there was some thing bout taxes on top on payment page which is a weird odd page btw no submit button but they dont say how much taxes will be in youre area i presume but i think with this type of cancel when u want service think they are missing the mark but not at least having a gift card option imo so i simply went back to sling ty

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