Project M on KODI – Most underrated KODI addon !!

This is one of the most underrated addons on KODI for everything! It has been around forever or almost forever and the older it gets, the bigger and more functional it is.

The Project M has some amazing categories. Starting with Sports, it gives you all you need: Live Matches, Live Sport Channels and Live PPV. A lot of on demand content as well like replays, sports movies and documentaries on 2018.

Huge Movie and TV Show category with scraping movies and direct links! Everything sorted in clean and easy to find menu.

Live TV with working channels (make sure to use a VPN if it isn’t working for you), Scandinavian TV, Sports and all those goodies!

Music, Documentaries and even Christmas content as well. A lof of collaborations like the superb Falcon addon with it’s amazing sections and great Playlists / Playlisters as well.

Lastly, Tykes is an excellent and super safe addon for Kids. Nice to have as well.

You can get the Project M Addon from the Merlin Repository:

For More:

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  1. EliteC64 says

    ? this guy replies to not one ❓also get these app from their proper repo Dev urls.

  2. Rene Dohan says

    hello Dimitrilogy , how to use super favorites on dimitrylogy repo , cant figurate it out . Thanks rena

  3. Blackjack Black says

    Hi Dimi, Drew here from Australia, Project M nice but no TV series only movies, I like to watch TV series like Suits etc using the Search Format – cheers

  4. Plannj says

    Does anyone have an issue with their sportsdevil not working ? I’ve tired everything and keeps saying check log failure and something else. When I try to fix it doesn’t work

  5. David Wright says

    Absolute garbage don't waste your time

  6. Randy Bolt says

    Hello Dimitrology.. I need your assistance. i have installed HMA VPN PRO on my device, Pls which country setting can i use in effective use of KODI 17.6. I live in the USA. Thank you in anticipation.

  7. TheGirlTalks says

    I have a question. I have Wullies mini build and quantum and Bennu don’t load anything except a ‘files’, ‘playlists’ and ‘video addons’ icons. It’s blank. Also, quantum says check log error when I load it. Any suggestions how to fix an add-on within a build.

  8. Rhys Arthur says

    Hey Dimi, big fan! What skin are you running on the screen behind you? Love the auto scrolling widgets!

  9. Carlos Herrera says

    A big thank you Dimitri….

  10. don falcone Gaza says

    Thanks bro needed that

  11. Puneet Dave says

    Hi my sony 4k android tv I download to downloadar but is not wark pls help

  12. Most Mysterious says

    The live sports channels buffer.

  13. Christian Derina says

    Hey dimi the NFl is buffering now lol

  14. Dave L says

    Thanks for the video Dimi.

  15. Alan Piazza says

    failed to install a depedency on falcon and sports. no good

  16. Martin Green says

    Hey Dimi… the Ultra IPTV in this app doesn't work for me. I'm using PIA to geolocate in uk-london or uk-southampton but NONE of the streams will run. I see two proxies loading then the Kodi "busy" indicator for a while, but then it just goes away and nothing shows. No error message either. Any idea what might be happening?

  17. ian johnston says

    when i get in to the wizard wont let me download the addons why ?

  18. Dean Holmes says

    Hi dimi, I've come across another you tuber called tony warlley. Only trouble is I can't understand his language, but his made his own mod of Ares wizard which looks cool. Would you know how I could get it because your more in the circle with these guys. All best dimi I use project merlin a lot good video bomshakalak baby?

  19. Ψηλος Ο says

    Hold the horses ?

  20. James Cumming says

    Thank you &boom

  21. Zambo Zambo says

    Cool thanks

  22. Kodi Best Build says


  23. Rueben Ortiz says

    Dimiiiiii….hope you are having a great day.

  24. Neil Fricker says

    Hey Dimi, I know this is unrelated to your current video. I was looking on your site for the Terrarium TV APK & can't find it. Do you still have a source for a ad free version?

  25. Paul Smith says

    For the iptv section to work would i have to change my vpn over to uk or will it work on USA ?

  26. Sam Addams says

    The most underrated kodi addons imho is everything released by Targetin1080p and his team 🙂

  27. stu palmer says

    Nice! I'll see if i have this already. …if not i will be doing so. Thanks for this info. It looks fantastic

  28. J J says

    Hahah the best! Alexa turn the light on ???

  29. epicgamer787 says

    I get the links up but the connection is always bad and it just pauses on each sports channel

  30. Jdeezy says

    How do you install the new 17.6 kodi on firestick

  31. Ron Doerfert says

    Great video buddy ??

  32. Mark DL says

    Alexa suck my dick please???

  33. Free Net says

    More addons tend to choose which one to use, 2-3 is no longer necessary.

  34. bill R says

    Are you from Philly?

  35. HydroTheWizarD says

    1st We love u Dimi keep up the Good work – Arxigos!!

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