Reliable All In One Addon For Kodi 17 December 2017 – Supremecy

Here is a fantastic all in one addon for kodi that has all the content you need packed into one addon!


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  1. nEfaRiOuSdude says

    english streams only or others too?

  2. Rolex23C says

    hey i just tried adding supremacy… but it's saying it failed to install dependency. everything else is working but this is the only one not. thanks for all your vids keep them goin

  3. OCHYDIBOSS says

    It's not working for me

  4. Alpha Omega says

    I followed instructions today for the f4mTester as well but that never showed a Check mark next to it like Supremacy did. I tried all 3 Supremacy's that came up but I had a circle with an arrow instead of a check mark. But I also downloaded your Blamo and I seen that in the list ending in 2.7.2 so I clicked on it and that gave me the checkmark finally. Hope I didn't do anything too wrong….guess I'll find out when I use it.

  5. Ricky Jolliffe says

    now offline ffs

  6. Barbie jake says

    Thanks Top Tutorials your a great source of help here, I really truly appreciate what you do, I’m happy I got my supremacy back the link works 100%

    Many thanks??☺️☺️☺️

  7. john jacquard says

    Works awsome

  8. Kevin Duffy says

    Build seemed up and running… but when I try to access most folders (Sky Cinema for example) I get: "Supremacy Error: check the log for more information"

    Any advice? Appreciate all your work!

  9. JusMike 777 says

    I need U.S. channels

  10. Rich Burgos says

    Supremacy is working again?

  11. SPIREITES FC says

    Do sports channels work??

  12. rottweilergino says

    @top tutorial not even with the Bob addon works ? What can I do ?

  13. Bull&Skones says

    Supremacy's good….a kodi-classic….had this back in the days of 16.1….

  14. Michael Campbell says

    Thanks once again Mr reliable for your simple to follow video.

  15. Keith Bennett says

    I got a message from youtube on my fire tv today, that as of Jan 1 2018, I will no longer be able to watch youtube.  Is there a fix yet?

  16. Son Goku says

    Will this work on firestick?

  17. shannon ross says

    It jeeps saying "failed to install a dependency"… And I already have f4m and Bob unleashed installed, please help!

  18. Bubbles 2017 says

    Great vid thanks

  19. mountaindew2430 says

    thank you

  20. Kevin King says

    Can't install? I keep getting the dependency on script module nanscrapers version, any ideas??

  21. Darren Paterson says

    Can't install? I keep getting the dependency on script module? Why does this happen TT?

  22. mountaindew2430 says

    how come none of the USA channels work

  23. StuGabe33 says

    You really need to update your repo URL links on all your older videos.

  24. John Doe says

    So… by the time you have paid for your internet, then vpn, then a premium service like real debrid, you might as well have paid for a subscription tv service.

  25. Dino_FB6 says


  26. kerene clarke says

    No of my movies play

  27. Abraham Ramirez says

    I go to install supremacy then it notify that the dependency on script.module……. so I don’t get what to do

  28. Fred Solze says

    What platform or medium do you use with you kodi? I'm looking for something faster than the firestick

  29. MacGamingYT says

    Awesome man

  30. Boznian_25 says

    Yea I like supremacy works fine for me

  31. stu palmer says

    Supremacy works great for me.

  32. Ian Mcintosh says

    Awesome. Love your stuff mate. Keep it up.

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