The Hottest FREE Kodi IPTV addon right now

I’ve checked the channels, and this one right here is flaming hot right now. All your UK & US content in one place.. Sports..This has it all. Undeniable one of the best kodi IPTV addons out right now.. This is definitely a keeper…

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  1. Desmond Martin says

    Hi T Streamz I following your video step by step.however it said status banned it can't open any the programs it is because the status say banned

  2. John Waring says

    Hey Tee I did everyone but when I got to the main page there was nothing in all to xxx adult

  3. dKriiss S1 says

    what's d point of showing people how to add this add on if the account u supplied just get ban anyways. what a waste of time n disk space!!!!!!

  4. dKriiss S1 says

    hey there buddy!!!! T StreamZ just what's d developers Twitter account name is it Gentec? or what???? coz I can't find him….

  5. Wheeler Johnson says

    Aint working Blood. And its saying ur account is banned

  6. advanced cctv says

    I can't watch nothing not even 1 channel

  7. Jim Harmon says

    Nothing is working it says my status is banned

  8. Scott James says

    Thanks. Works great

  9. Tricia Mearns says

    it says if it doesnt open your details are wrong…what should i do

  10. Vaughn Shumpert says

    nothing works, it says status disabled under my account

  11. Lilly Khan says

    After I enter account info the only options I see are click to log in, settings,& clear cache. It doesn't work.

  12. Fale Kelly says

    Good looking out man!!! Finally something works!!!

  13. James Mann says

    Channels not playing. Is it Geo code for certain region

  14. steve cooley says

    Its down none of the channel are working anymore

  15. RitmoAntiyano says

    link not working

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