The ones that made the cut are

Cellardoor TV – INFUSION KODI 17 Edition

Install URL:

Pulse CCM – Krypton 17 Edition

Install URL:

Wookie – NEW LOOK Wookie BEST Build for KODI 17

BoomShakalaka Kodi 17 Build

SpinzTV Hard NOX KODI 17 Build


Yes Yes! Enjoy these builds guys!!!

Hit the thumbs up! Sub and tell me what is your fav build!!! Learn how to install Kodi and run the best kodi builds on my channel it doesn’t matter if you are using Kodi 16, Kodi 17.5, if it’s a fire stick or the new fire tv 4k. You will see the best Kodi builds on my channel and you will also explore many wizards like Ares Wizard, and how to get kodi setup for live tv and free cable tv, all the stuff on my channel is free. There is many best builds on my channel I also show you how to install terrarium tv on fire stick or any amazon fire tv device. I also show you complete Kodi setup and how to use kodi properly and stop kodi buffering on many devices including kodi beelink device, nvidia shield, fire tv 4k, fire stick and fire tv, installing kodi on firestick is very easy, jailbraking a firestick is simple and on my channel I will teach you how to do this on KODI, kodi 18 is also coming out and is very stable and soon will be even more stable, 17.5 is running good, kodi 17.4 runs ok. Kodi used to be called XBMC foundation which was the official company of KODI, there is a few people involved in the kodi project which is open source, there is other APK’s which are great for kodi iptv like swiftstreamz apk, also zion tv, terrarium tv like i said and also livenettv apk, exodus kodi addon is not working very good now but elysium and covenant kodi addon is good, phoenix kodi addon is not longer working but as soon as there is kodi addon update or how to update kodi you will find this information on my channel and thank you for watching everything about Kodi.



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  1. Hatch Matics says

    Is Ares Wizard down?

  2. carlos montesano says

    I use BoomShakalaka Kodi 17 Build

  3. Tony Jaquez says

    can you not maintain multiple builds on Kodi?

  4. G love g says

    Can you help me it's not Letting me get the dimitrology code

  5. corraeion warfield says

    i don't see hard nox on spinz tv it just says five bulids help me man i need this build text back asap

  6. SantinoProductions says

    I decided to go with spinz tv but For some reason when I went to select the build, hard nox was not available?

  7. Carlie Crush says


  8. Terry Peverill says

    I think I will try CellarTv, I had Pulse but hated the singing cats….lol.
    Will let you know.

  9. Mark Norris says

    I installed pulse the other day on Firestick. Everytime I run it, it scans TVDB, overheats, restarts and I'm back to square one. Is there any way to stop it scanning?

  10. Will World says

    Kids section is amazing in the cell

  11. Javier Gomez says

    what about for raspberry pi?

  12. Joshua Tschari says

    I downloaded the ares magic build its running super slow. I was thinking about downloading the Wookiee build cuz it seems faster. but how do I uninstall the magic build?

  13. Vincent Caban says

    op you don't have to pair it. just hit cancel every time it comes up and the movie will continue to load and you will bypass the pairing. I do it all the time and it works.

  14. Magic Magic says

    Sucks you made this video. few days before the lawsuit that shut down most of the repository in the builds your showing.

  15. Jonathan Martinez says

    wookie wont work for me plz help

  16. cutiekitty463 says

    Spinz tv build love it!!!

  17. chicki gurl says

    it's a new builed out it's called kodi no limit but it really don't work it looks good and all can you check it out please maybe I'm doing something wrong non of the add ons would work

  18. Brett Fleissner says

    Thanks for the reviews. I installed Hard Nox. Can you make a vid tutorial on how to customize the menus and sub menus, etc? Thanks

  19. umar javed says

    Using Pulse , wookie and dimitrolgy. Spinz is not working that well

  20. Dennis Schlobohm says

    Can't get Wookie to install I get to the wookie me click on it and nothing happens. I have tried numerous times and it won't go.

  21. Mohammed Alalawi says

    I've download Spinz tv build

  22. chicki gurl says

    omg thank u glad it's working wookie would not work for my TV 😊😊😊thanks god bless

  23. Di Nori says

    not all addons working, missing my sports

  24. Paul Deerin says

    Peter, upgraded my H96+Pro to 7.1.1 Nougat, now it disconnects from the internet every 20 minutes or so, & the only way I can continue watching my movie, is to disconnect the power cord, wait 20 seconds, then reconnect the power cord, reconnect to WiFi manually & continue watching my movie.  ANY THOUGHTS ON WHAT COULD BE CAUSING THIS???

  25. dublin iptvserver says

    i setup discord voice /text channel for IPTV SUPPORT AND DISCUSSION
    click to join on phone or pc –>
    also paid iptv available

  26. Pauline Spears says

    Question: can you have more than one build installed?

  27. Pauline Spears says

    Pulse gave me and issue and I did not like wookie. Trying Cellardoor now. thank u for all you do. I am new to this and have learned alot.

  28. Reynaldo Gil says

    I have used the spinz TV build for the last 6 months. Im glad to see it made your top 5 list.

  29. china doll says

    Amigos not working I click on each one to see a movie and it don't work

  30. sunny N says

    dimitrology and xenon are good but dimitrology is better i know why I said it……

  31. Caroline Cummings says

    Great video Thanks for all your hard work,
    Could you please add what skins they are please.

  32. Dennis M. says

    Great Tutorial,Easy to follow and understand,Kinda new to this do you have any tutorials on how to set up downloads of movies off of the more popular movie chnls,Phoenix,Exodus,ect,ect and also Im a big fan of the NASA channel what would be a good go to app for that channel ? PS this would be on a PC.

  33. Christina Dale says

    I'm using Spinz Hardnox

  34. Dianne Robert says

    top 5 best KODI KRYPTON build indeed ! I have one of them for now .

  35. Michelle Mayer says

    Great review, I chose spinztv. You went fairly quick towards the end had to pause you several times:) However lots of information you were quite thorough, thank you for all your hard work.

  36. lou landau says

    never pair with openload

  37. Liza Clay says

    Thank you for making this video. Really long but I was looking for a new built, I'm not really liking the built I have.


    On another subject do you know of any addons paid or free that play Israeli tv,news and movies?

  39. rocnation bulliez says

    great app but howtoremove the poem from cellular door

  40. Luc Lansky says

    No Xenon?What's wrong with Xenon build?

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