Thr Best IPTV For Canadian channels. Watch local Canadian and French Canadian channels. Cut cable costs and save money.

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  1. arahmone says

    so can you tell me the best IPTV as of March 2018? thanks

  2. Keith Hill says

    On December 8th of 2017 you figured Voodoo was number 1 for IPTV, do you still think the same in 2018?

  3. zulfiqar mithani says

    yes the ipguys and voodo has the best server

  4. John Fuhrmann says

    Why? Your presentation style, graphics and delivery are great, but you lose your focus and simply talk too much! You kept repeating yourself. Keep it short and sweet. The same information could have been covered in less than 5 minutes.

  5. Nazeer Shaw says

    Just pick up high power HD antenna and you'll be more than happy all free.

  6. Rick Pelkey says

    Hi Fred we are using Ace and find it has all the canadian channels that need try it and tell me what you think

  7. Bronnie Lesllie says

    How do I download these to see how they work

  8. David Carpente says

    if I order ipguys  how do I get the app on my NVidia shield/

  9. Mike Bell says

    No love for Star?

  10. Samantha Marshall says

    Do any of these have varied/reliable UK channels(ITV,BBC,SKY)?

  11. Rob W says

    Are they all pay subscriptions?

  12. G D says

    Vader Streams is the best.

  13. MyiptvWorld says

    Hey Fred, we sent you a email because we would like you test our service and tell everyone what you think about us. Hope to hear from you soon. email:

  14. apatwella says

    was looking into a iptv console, im in Montreal, any that you can recommend? someone told me that the buzz console is good, any comments on that ?

  15. R. M. says

    Hi could you name them under the video, because it's kind of long to wait for the name of every server.

  16. Akeem Jimoh says

    Hey! Fred Love your videos, but I am particularly interested in Sports Channels, mostly SkySPorts, which one are the best out there?

  17. Tony Merlot says

    this reminds me of soloman…looks good but ….who wants sometimes…telus and shaw provides all the time 😈

  18. Rawinder Singh says

    Like ipguys better then voodoo

  19. Duchesne Jonathan says

    comment on fais pour avoir toute ces canal

  20. tripli minchi says

    So how can I install it ?????

  21. jane kramer says

    im new to android tv boxes , how to i add the ok2 ?

  22. Minhaj Rizvi says

    i love your all videos

  23. Minhaj Rizvi says

    Hi I am in Montreal your videos have very good information …….please advice me good PVR iptv box

  24. John Liguori says

    Hi I found this extremely helpful so thank you. I did subscribe to an IPTV provider in Canada that offers the Voodoo iptv service using the stbemu app. Everything seems to be working good and there is lots of information on how to configure the stbemu app however except I am not able find a simple user guide to help me figure out how to navigate through all the channels and caetgories – for example for live tv all channels are listed I can't see categories for say Sport or Italian channels etc. Do you have a source where I could find that kind of information? Any help or advice you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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