Top 5 Working KODI Add-ons Volume 2 [February 2018] *update – Elysium lite is down*

This video shows the installation of the Placenta, Supremacy and, Maverick TV Addons.

If you are using Kodi, you should be using a VPN. IPVanish is the best – so check it out

5 Fresh Addons Part 1
5 Fresh Addons Part 2
TOP 5 Feb addons

Kodi is a free Open Source media player which we are not affiliated with. We also do not have any affiliation with any Kodi add-ons. Kodi should only be used with content that it bought and owned personally or is in the public domain.

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  1. Brandon Miles says

    This is the second straight video I’ve seen with placenta, and it’s not even loading the source for me. Can’t make it past the URL

  2. Mycol Bartlett says

    Haha ! Nice and helpful brother ! Funny, the way your mic sounds … πŸ™‚ I was half expecting an airline pilot to say, "Please return your stewardesses to their upright positions."

  3. Andrew Brennan says

    No movies stream in placenta, useless , what about bob unleashed, you list it but dont show it in the video, crap.

  4. Quaoce Lonewolf says

    Can you add uk Turks please.

  5. Katherine Andriash says

    I see you got rid of Bob from this video. good call thankz

  6. uioo 67 says

    I just installed Placenta and it working great!

  7. David A says

    Hi…haven't noobsnnerds gone too ? Has full e-le-ss-i-um (πŸ˜‰) full version gone too 😒… nice vid well presented at right speed for users who are used to setting up the first part πŸ™‚ thanks …

  8. A1313Y R says

    I think placenta is down too πŸ™

  9. kathy wright says

    Hi can you tell me how to take of addons of

  10. Kodi Best Build says

    Nice video mate

  11. Hungrychicken99 says

    placenta = beast

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