Top Working Kodi Addons [March 2018] note – Neptune/Placenta have temp file listed below

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Best Addons from the Top Repo’s for April

The video outlines the installation of the following add-ons:

1. Neptune Rising [down for upgrade – use ]

2. Genesis Reborn
3. Covanent
4. Incursion
5. Skynet
6. Uranus
7. Placenta [ ]
8. The Dogs Bollocks
9. UK Turks
10. Exodus 5.0.0

If you are using Kodi, you should be using a VPN. IPVanish is the best – so check it out

5 Fresh Addons Part 1
5 Fresh Addons Part 2
5 Fresh Addons Part 3
5 Fresh Addons Part 4

TOP 5 Feb addons P1
TOP 5 Feb Addons P2

Kodi is a free Open Source media player which we are not affiliated with. We also do not have any affiliation with any Kodi add-ons. Kodi should only be used with content that it bought and owned personally or is in the public domain.

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  1. Tubey McYoutube says

    Can you please SLOW DOWN just a bit?
    thank you

  2. Mark Butterworth says

    Just installed on the 30.3.18 works perfect 🙂

  3. karlell h says

    Great video but what's the pin for UK Turk addon

  4. Christopher Hatch says

    Awesome!! Many thanks!!

  5. nemesis man says

    Thank you for your help ! God speed

  6. V Harris says

    all the addon he mention…work..ty..not one error message

  7. Mother Teresa says

    What Kodi version do these addons work with? 18.0? Or 17. Video doesn't say?

  8. day dazed says

    Covenant did not work on my xbox one genisis reborn incursion placenta and exodus does works good though

  9. fuzzy buzzy says

    Thanks so much best instructions I've found, you made it all very easy and painless, look forwards to more videos.

  10. Luke S says

    Liked and subscribed

  11. Kahnverse says

    ur the man thank u im subbin

  12. Steven Jaynes says


  13. Tommy Daly says

    Your instructions were perfect, all are installing. BTW I found a 60 second vid that fixed all my dependencies if you're interested

  14. Tommy Daly says

    Placenta dependencies failed

  15. Luis Gonzales says

    Was the pin?

  16. John Pizzi says


  17. Ed Bergman says

    LOVE your video. I've been using Kodi for almost 2 years, and all the vids I've sifted thru are full of extra BS I don't need to hear about. Even the better ones have been a lot of blah blah blah before they actually get to the addresses I need to put in to get the add-ons. I subscribed and will be looking forward to getting updates on the latest and greatest add-ons. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!!

  18. Ali Al Qayyim says

    Man u r the best ,,,, guys for weeks I have been looking for add ons that really work, stop your search and do as this guy says

  19. J Weaver says

    Fantastic tutorial easy,concise and fast! Thanks KO DI. JDUB

  20. Remyboyz173821 says

    Very nice u got a new sub

  21. Riiichard Jones says

    thanks alot man!!

  22. Andrew Bagos says

    Great work!!

  23. taboekoe1 says

    Very very good! Thank you for this!

  24. daniel rainton says

    nice video, thanks for the addons. subbed and liked

  25. Mojo Stringfield says

    Any updates on Sportshub Addon?

  26. Mojo Stringfield says

    They all work for me! Thanks!

  27. The killer Banana says

    Thank you !!!!

  28. Roger Fowler says

    Straight forward, easy to follow. Link shown and I just pause while putting it in. Great job.

  29. Megan L says

    I also just tried genesis reborn and that one also is skipping alot.

  30. Megan L says

    convenant usually works great. I have not been able to download any add ons that really works. there are only like 5 streams available and they all skip. are there any addons that actually work?

  31. Christie White says

    The best add-on tutorial video!

  32. Mingo Rivero says

    When I got to thw download from zip it wouldnt download nothing popped up saying it has finished downloading .

  33. Jamaal Ribeiro says

    Failed to install dependency? Meaning…..

  34. Jamaal Ribeiro says

    I find it weird that some of these just don't work for me. I checked the spelling everything is right I don't know. Any advice

  35. Wolf༱ says

    Blamo doesn't work for me

  36. My Le Thi says

    great working well. Keep up the great job. Thank you!

  37. Beatz Music says

    skynet failed to install

  38. humberto wilkins says

    So far good, few didnt work, but must did

  39. Stephanie Smith Dunnagan says

    This is the best I've seen on this whole YouTube yet wow great job man

  40. Stephanie SW says

    SOOOOO helpful!!! i have spent the day on and off trying to fine one that works! thanks so much!!!!!!

  41. Robert Ławrynowicz says

    Nice video mate😉 thanks 👍

  42. FitRippedYogiAddict M says

    I have the picture, but no sound.

  43. Jaelin Pickett says

    This works well

  44. Gretchen Trumper says

    Neptune Rising kept giving me an error message, but Genesis seems to work! Any tips for fixing Neptune on the Xbox one?

  45. ptong226 says

    thank you very much! works perfect

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