Starting this summer, Verizon will have a TV streaming service available to the masses. Expect greatness!!!

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  1. silentmajor says

    is there a signal booster that helps with the speed of wireless Verizon tv?

  2. Fuego says

    It was said ESPN fired 100 people and that cable TV is falling apart.

  3. geak says

    perplex whats good how you been man

  4. Fuego says

    I like the news!

  5. Karaoke Hero says

    Hey P, Comcast is not in Texas yet. I tried to inquire on their webpage chat feature and they were really rude about it. They just responded by saying none of those services were available yet and they kicked me out of the chat box!

  6. Uncle Death says

    Do you have PlayStation vue? It's great

  7. pipiripau 78 says

    i did not know comcast had its own streaming service..

  8. SquidBag says

    don't you need cable for WiFi to run the streaming services? that's the problem I always ? into

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