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  1. Ken Mcmaster says


  2. kalenhouse says

    I didn't get world option. Is it still working?

  3. krikke van dam says

    world section is gone

  4. CB Carmack says

    As of now there's no world section and the USA section is blank and the ones with channels listed don't work.

  5. Jose Ochoa says

    Most of that stuff has nothing

  6. David Tate says

    Give it time to load everything. If your useing something with little memory and speed its gonna take longer.

  7. Sergey M. says

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  8. Raymond Kennon says

    There's no world on mine


    usa not working

  10. Thomas Duke says

    None of the channels opened for me.

  11. Donna Wells says

    install was easy, but, I lost the WORLD designation – can still get UK and USA – so all good. Any sort of tv guide in the future?

  12. Ivan Maldonado says

    tremendo lo hay en apk

  13. Scott Young says

    How is this viewed inside a build??? Or how can I add it to the Sub categories inside the build…?

  14. heckletstech says

    Channels are free if you get buffer or anything remember these channels are free and not paid we get what we pay for happy streaming also they update channels daily

  15. Terry Moss says

    new name for iptv ➡ IDIOT TV ⬅ you are not streaming anything but tweaks buffering freezing!!

  16. Yoyok Pramono says

    Maybe the player for tv is not suitable

  17. Ernest Cameron says

    It doesn't work, not one channel

  18. Kodi Best Build says


  19. Clinton Alexander says

    Another great video, thanks! Do you recommend using a VPN?

  20. Kim Bennett says

    mine says failed to install add-on from zip file

  21. A. Jackson says

    Very nice job thanks!

  22. Daniel Evans says

    First iptv I have seen with the 4 main channels I'm always looking for that other iptvs don't ever have…

  23. Dee Embry says

    Added this to my kodi. Followed the instructions. World won't open up. Or it kicks me out

  24. heckletstech says

    U may be going on the wrong section please watch from beginning to end and you will see what section I go on

  25. Daniel Evans says

    I'm not seeing all the channels that were I your video…I went under US…or did u go under something else…for instance my lineup doesn't show BounceTV or TV One or BET Her and some others

  26. Tony V says

    works pretty good for me thank you boss 🙂

  27. Dave Jones says

    This one is the best I've used so far. Every channel works instantly in 720 or 1080p. Thanks for showing this one to us.

  28. Manny G. says

    Why do you go so fast. And can't you leave a link for us slow fat finger person. Mahalo

  29. Orly Oliveira says


  30. Bill Born says

    cool thanks

  31. Evans says

    seeing 5 views and 54 likes.. how is that possible?

  32. Guillermo Quintero says

    This is great

  33. too badd says

    Nice…thank you

  34. itzMatt says

    Are these channels 60fps?

  35. DEE BASS says

    Looks good

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